Dinner for Kids

Twelve years ago, Edna and David Tevet of Ollie’s Restaurant became aware of the magnitude of childhood hunger in our local community. With estimates of 15 million hungry children in our country, and 11,770 in our own county, they decided to establish the “Dinners For Kids” (DFK) program, with the goal of fighting childhood hunger by preparing and distributing healthy meals to local children. David and Edna learned that besides the obvious human suffering, childhood hunger has an adverse effect on children’s physical and mental health, their behavior, and their school performance. After talking to several teachers and human services officials, it was evident that many at-risk children only received decent daily meals through subsidized at-school lunches. Unfortunately, many of these children go to sleep every night hungry. This gave light to the idea of Dinners For Kids.  The Borwick's, who currently own Ollie's Restaurant, have continued alongside The Tevet's, this amazing community program that provides local children with freshly prepared, kid-approved, nutritious, and balanced dinners. Each healthy dinner is packaged in a microwave-safe container and is accompanied by fresh fruit.


Dinners For Kids started the program by delivering six meals per week, year-round, directly to the children’s homes. The program was created to ensure that local children never again go to sleep on an empty stomach and to alleviate the negative side effects of childhood hunger. Today, the program serves over 240 at-risk children in Wilkes Barre, the West Side, and the Dallas area totaling over 75,000 meals per year.

For more information, and to donate please refer to our program’s website Dinners 4 Kids